Our Expertise

Land Development

With over 35 years experience in civil engineering, R.C. Burdick is ready to assist you with planning and designing phases of your land development projects. There is no project too small from subdivisions, residential and commercial site plans, plot plans, stormwater management plans and more.

Our drafters and designers combine years of experience with up to date CAD software and in-house printing to ensure accuracy and timeliness to meet project deadlines.

Waterfront Development

Whether you're adding a dock behind your new waterfront home, or installing a lift to keep the boat out of rough water, R.C. Burdick's design professionals will manage your project from the permitting stage through the final building stage.

Local bulkhead contractors trust R.C. Burdick's experience and knowledge to getting the job done.

Building Services

As a small engineering firm, R.C.Burdick and Associates understands that small projects need engineering too! We are proud to offer building services such as beam designs, foundation inspections, and soil analyses for homeowners who may want to add a second story.

Each structural project is unique in its own way and we have no premium fee for one type of work versus another. At R.C.Burdick, we carefully evaluate all available information before we determine the cost that is right for your budget!


Land Surveying

In 2003, R.C.Burdick partnered with Tri-County Surveying in order to provide clients with full service engineering and surveying services. Our surveying staff assists homeowners and contractors by providing services including: property (title) surveys, topographical surveys, flood elevation certificates, and construction stake-outs including pile stake-outs, foundation location, and as-built surveys.

Our survey crew uses up-to-date technology to ensure your project is surveyed accurately. Most projects are completed with the use of a Spectra Precision robotic transit. On smaller projects, our crew uses the basic "level and rod" to get your job done efficiently and cost effectively.

Environmental Permitting

Obtaining environmental permits can be the most time consuming aspect of any project. While most applications specify a lengthy time frame for a permit decision, our design professionals will ensure that the accurate information is submitted to avoid delays.

Not sure if your project requires an environmental permit? Fill out the form on the 'Contact Us' page and tell us about your project! We will investigate what might be needed for your project such as C.A.F.R.A. permits, N.J.D.E.P. General Permits, Letters of Interpretation for Wetlands, etc. and provide you with a proposal for our services.